Progress Logs:

NOTE: Do NOT Swap depths with buttons! Causes major headaches for Ross and others!!!! And breaks things:)

Issue to be Resolved

  1. numPad allows restricted input into a textfield (to rectify this when a key is clicked a check should happen to ensure that this key was valid; if it is then input that value into the textfield) - http://screencast.com/t/YWZmYzli
  2. breadcrumbs in mini-wrapper with subtitles - http://screencast.com/t/OGRhNjdlODEt
    edit the _miniwrapper object - go to actions layer - frame 2

    Change line 8 that assigns the value of breadcrumbs # 2 to the following if stmt:

    check Activity Title for <br> .... indicates subtitle - not to go in breadcrumb
    if (this._parent.ActivityTitle.indexOf("<br") > -1) {
    breadcrumb_02.text = this._parent.ActivityTitle.substr(0, this._parent.ActivityTitle.indexOf("<br"));
    } else {
    breadcrumb_02.text = this._parent.ActivityTitle;
  3. CS4 ignoring text between html bold tags - last item promising fix - http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:5CEWDiykKlUJ:stackoverflow.com/questions/2079551/fonts-not-being-embedded-flash-cs4-as3+bold+tag+and+textfield+errors+in+Flash+CS4+AS2&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk
    Change <b> to <font face='ArialBold'>
    Change </b> to </font>

  4. on cluster list page, clip list page and various activities for Integers - name should read "Integers - Representing, Comparing and Ordering"

We need to clean up the Feedback database; some items can be deleted and others should be addressed.

Agenda Items for next meetings:

To Do:

  • Loading Activity Issue: if you jump to splash page before the activity loads then the activity and progress bar will overlap the cluster list, clip list or activity list page
  • The curriculum pdf in CL002 is from the old curriculum. The curriculum pdfs should contain only the expectations which relate to the cluster; needs to be done for all clusters
  • In order for the user to be able to input in a textfield while the calculator is open the text field must be tab enabled. Suggestion is that all input fields be tab-enabled from this point forward and it wouldn't hurt to test it for activities that we are currently working on
  • The mini-wrapper may need to be revised to make its variables local copies to address the issue with_global.globalPause being used by both the Who Cares movie and the activity
  • Ross to fix invocation of ResizeScene by changing this to _root
  • Create a wiki page which contains standards for programming:
    1) Feedback will be displayed in blue (0000FF).
    2) Avoid using blue (0000FF) in other text fields or as a major colour for animations. (We want the student's eye to be drawn to the blue and recognize it as feedback).
    3) Point and lines on the grid are generally black.
    4) All action script should be on the "actions" layer unless they pertain to globals or sound in which case they belong on the (globals and sound layer).
    5) Avoid placing action script on a movie clip which controls the animation of something on the scene level (ie this movie clip's parent); this action script belongs on the action layer.
    6) Choose meaningful names for variables and instance names.
    7) Add comments to the code to clarify its purpose for another developer.
    8) Any animation coding in an onEnterFrame function or another function called via setInteval should be bracketed with if (!_global.animationPaused) { } so that the animation will be paused by the "pause" 7) Add
    9) Text should be displayed in Arial 14 size font
10) On the Start page, sub-titles will be 3 points smaller than the actual title
Eg. ActivityTitle = "Comparing Temperatures<br><font size='-3'>A Range 'n Temperatures</font>";

  • button.
  • Organize the wiki to better find documentation
  • Ensure that all related items are on the same page or can be linked to directly
  • Ensure that there is a way to link back
  • Create a map of this wiki

Wait Message Standard:

  • Flash the instructions as the wait message where appropriate
  • If flashing the instructions does not provide enough detail then create another text field for the wait message; do not use the feedback field
  • Wait messages will be displayed after 15 seconds except in the case of waiting for a click on continue button

Important Things to Remember:

  • If GraphingBoard.as is updated then the current version of the initClasses must be recompiled with the new "as" file otherwise the revisions will only work in the mini-wrapper
  • Audio Setting to use for Narration:
    - Select File>Export. Make sure it is exporting as Sound to Wave with the following settings
    --> Linear PCM / Mono / 44.100 KHz / Quality:Best / Sample size 32
  • Define the graphing board in frame 2 to avoid issues with the mask when unLoad and other functions are defined
  • If you want to define the graphing board on frame 1 then use the following code to define the board:

  • newDepth = this.getNextHighestDepth();
  • this._parent.scene._name = "scene" + newDepth;
  • Subsequent adaptations and extensions have been made by the CLIPS team.
  • import lib.actions.clipsgrapher.*;graphing board class
  • import edu.clips.CLIPSubShape;uberShape class
  • initialize the board
  • var board:GraphingBoard = new GraphingBoard(75, 66, 155, 155, this, 1, false, false, 2);
  • this._parent["scene" + newDepth]._name = "scene";

  • To create multiple graphing boards on the same grid you cannot use the target name "this" for both of them. Solution is to create an new movie clip and place the graphing board in it.
var boarda:GraphingBoard = new GraphingBoard(100,59,208,211, this.newgrid, 2,false,false,2)

Uber Items to be developed (and up for grabs):

  • template for TicTacToe Game (player vs computer - need to program computer logic)
  • repackage uberTools et al for free-form classroom use (graphing tool, fraction strips, anything we create outside of its activity)

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Current Progress Log



In Progress
- review Steve's work
- outline 2nd cluster for LGP (from summer meeting with Ruth)



Judi Home Page

In general, the cycle should be like this:
--> CLIPS developer --> creates the activity, and reviews his/her own work, making sure that all possible error conditions are checked, all screens look good, buttons readable, text / feedback fits, is readable, makes sense, all input error checking is checked, replay scene button, pause / play button, scene control buttons all do what they are supposed to do and do not cause any unforeseen glitches in the activity.

--> Initial Reviewer ---> then reviews the activity as it is posted on isenegger.ca - in the big wrapper, and also in standalone mode --> checks that everything looks and acts okay as outlined above. Double-checks all of the above. Fills out review template, sends back to developer for changes as required.
(Back and forth between Initial Reviewer and Developer)

--> Meta Reviewer --> reviews ALL activities in CLIP - checks individual activities for all issues (text / screen design / feedback / error checking / replay scene etc...). ALSO - checks that there is consistency between activities - look and feel, the way they handle similar interactions (feedback similar / input checking routines and feedback similar).
(Back and forth between Meta Reviewer and Developer)





In Progress
Mel's To do List



Eric's Progress Log 09_10


Ross Progress Log


Mel's Progress Log 10_11
Mel`s Hints

In Progress
- CL005_C03_A02 - Relating Integers to a Change in Direction - Exploring Mathotel - (change 'n' floors ) - passed to Ross
- CL005_C04_A01- Representing Integers using Counters - ready for review
- CL005_C04_A02 - Using Integers to Represent a Location, an Amount or a Measure of Change - send to Judy
- CL005_4.1 - Integer Dominoes - working with Markus - almost complete
- CL005_C04_A03 - Integer Match Game - ready for review
- CL005_A02_7.1 - Name My Integer - some audio rerecord -

- starting CL007_A01 - getting ready for November flashfest

To Do
Mel's To do List

- CL005_C02_7.1_Name my Integer


Markus' Progress Log

In Progress
- CL005_C04_A02 - Using Integers to Represent a Location, an Amount or a Measure of Change
- CL005_C03_A02 - Relating Integers to a Change in Direction - Exploring Mathotel - (change 'n' floors )
- CL005_C04_A01- Representing Integers using Counters
- CL005_C04_A04 - Integer Match Game
- Maze