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Review Log:
Feb 10 - RI

Scene 7
RI:Is "The equation of each of these functions gives information about the transformation that can be applied to the graph of y = sin x to get their graphs." better? Better enough to redo it? I was a little unsure what "the function" at the end of your sentence referred to.
Scene 8
RI- these words clear up any confusion in Scene 7
Scene 10
RI- is vertical transformations a standard enough description? transformations in the vertical direction?
Scene 12
RI- I might have mimicked the instructions from Scene 11.
Scene 13
RI- vertical reflection is a new term to me. Reflection in a horizontal line isn't, but I know what you are trying to do.
Scene 14
RI- I found the directness of the statement "the graph of y=asinx is a vertical stretch and reflection of the graph of y=sinx." raised questions in my mind - both about the is and the and.
RI Alternative? "...the graph of y = asinx is the image of the graph of y=sinx under both a vertical stretch and a reflection." or even "under a composition of a vertical stretch with/and a reflection".
Scene 15
RI- like Scene 14
Scene 18
RI- is horizonal translation to the right better? Should we use this opportunity to ask about d=360 degrees?
Scene 19
RI- I don't like the double negative at the top, I would prefer brackets around d.;I really like what the Show button does.
Scene 20
RI- up until now the green reference graph was y=sinx - I think the user's attention should be drawn to the fact that this not the standard sine function. The green graph should perhaps be red and the other graph a new colour altogether. Some words to point out this fact would help too.
Scene 21
RI- nice point.
Scene 24
RI- I expected to see "phase shift" in the blue box of key properties and have it mentioned in the analysis of y= sin(x-d).
RI I would characterize all of the above questions and suggestions as being unnecessary to address prior to the conference (except maybe Scene 19 and Scene 20 - since they don't involve re-recording). The rest we can tease out after the conference.

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