April 29 ~
~ reviewed 8.1.1 Snow Day
~ made banana bread... using the icon designe, not my oven, shucks!
~ Found the most recent fla for snow day and added Jessica's DVD pics into scene 5, I plan to pick up the programming of this once Crystal finalizes the storyboard... I may start working more on some obvious stuff before that.
~ Played Pyramid Solitaire numerous times... feedback to Crystal.
April 28 ~ AM met with Mel to plan for OAME
~spent the rest of the morning updating the notes outline, sent it off to Mel.
~emailed Greg some OAME questions, and some Edugains ideas
PM ~ BHNCDSB ~ Gap Closing materials (last batch), adobe connect training
April 27 ~ finished Slicing Wholes, Crystal says it is perfect!
~ just started to review 8.1.1 Snow Day
~Crystal showed me how to use the icon designer to create a "bread" movie clip... once slicing wholes has been reviewed and fixed :( I am going to modify it to make the actual bread stuff that Mel needs for 8.1.4
April 26 ~ Head banging Day!!!!
~ but, thanks to Crystal I have discoverd how to duplicate the remaining bug in Slicing Wholes and talking to her helped me to think about some possible fixes.
~ I have redefined the onPress and OnRelease events for the yellow highlight table to be on the individual rows and not just the entire table.. that seems to have fixed the reappearance of the undesired point finger.
~ muchos thanks to Crystal for helping me find a bug when creating these new events.. it pays to define both the onRelease and onReleaseOutside event on the same movie clip!!!!
~ plus, I believe I have found the logic error which is the source of the incorrect cells being dragged...in the onPress event for the yellow highlight table (rows), the counter is not set quite correctly for one loop which is trying to find which table and there is another issue with a loop that is trying to determine the correct row. ... so now that I think I know where the source of the error lies, all that is left is to actually fix it!
~ spent an hour or so delivering GAP closing resources to SJC.
Easter Weekend
April 21 ~ Personal Day, Funeral in Teeswater for my Uncle Doug
April 20 ~ BHNCDSB - Gauss math contest packaging, GAP packaging, Consultants meeting
April 19 ~ final touches to Slicing Wholes. I cannot manage to break it like Crystal did, nor can I get the mouse hand to not show for the yellow highlight table, sent it to Crystal to have a peek at.
~ chatted with Crystal re Storyboarding quesitons, Guiding Questions for Tool Review
~ 3:00 heading to Paris for Gap Closing Adobe Connect Session
April 18 ~ OMCA meeting in Hamilton, board office work in the PM
April 15 ~ revised the CL008_C01_Activity Review google doc to include all the activities, with correct names and numbers, I hope!
~ Slicing Wholes ~ spent the day trying to get the pointy finger to be in the correct size and location in the cell!!!
Why does everything about FLASH take sooooo long? It really should be called SLOW!
I played with scaling, same factor in both directions, just the yvaue, diferent factors for x and y directions.. nothing seemed to work nicely for all situations.

So.... I ended up using a pointy finger to point at the piece to drag in some circumstances(when the hand could fit inside the cell nicely ~ multpling whole numbers between 2 and 12 by 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4-) and just flashing the square itself when the pointy finger did not fit well cause the pieces were too small. I am still not convinced the 1/4 pieces are big enough for the finger! some of the pieces are almost too small to see that they are flashing (eg. 1/9 of 24)... Sent it off to Crystal for a second opinion.

April 14 ~ Slicing Wholes ~ added a condition to the one feedback statement so that whole number values looked nicer
~ Fixed the depth issue of the tables and the pointy finger
~ got Ross to show me how to access the pointy finger so I can rescale it.. need to work on this still
~ other tweaks that I forget right now
Team meeting Re Moving Forward... see agenda https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u0pTjBFmwuMAmd3V4Nps7h_M4yqNNRIhmGQpBCJjSmw/edit?hl=en#
To do: email Slicing Wholes fla to Greg, tidy up CL008_091_Activity REviews doc so pages are correctly named, get Karen to create Bitstrip Characters
April 13 ~ Second reveiw for 8.1.3...back to Crystal.
~ Worked on review changes for Slicing wholes, not too many overall... a few minor logic errors, some minor revisions and some more issues related to ubWait... may need to call on Ross again (Beware!)
Apirl 12 ~ BHNCDSB - coaching visit to ACS with Mike and Luc
PM: pre-reviewed "Fly on the Wall" for Crystal
~ set up meeting fro Thursday, agenda, shared google docs
April 11 ~ sent email requesting status update from everyone, summarized results in a google doc.
~dumped slicing wholes into an activity template with randomly generated questions from clip 1 that require slicing wholes.
~ made sure the check button could fire the onRelease event for the hit button in the tool
~ tidied up some language issues related to the extra questions that got added.
~ sent the tool off to Crystal for Review
~ chatted with Mel re OAME, just touching base... she is wanting to give up 1.4 for now...does not think she will get to work on it again til after Easter, left it with her for now since no one is really looking for work.
April 8 ~ BHNCDSB PD DAy with Marian Small
April 7~ Slicing Wholes
numSlicesInput = this._parent.equalGroupsTab_mc.getTabPanelByIndex(0).panel.inputInt_mc.getText();
This framed text was set to multiline and so the input had a carriage return at the end of it that was hence not being read as a number.
We changed the create statement so that it was no longer multiline and all things worked well.

Ways to save myself next time would include using trim or replace in ubString.

import edu.clips.util.*;
trace(isNaN("2")); false
trace(3+(Number(ubString.trim("\r\r 2 \n \n \r")))); // gives 5

chatted with:
~ Crystal: word smithing for 8.1.3... functionality of Hint button in a couple of circumstances.. user does follow the hint, get rid of the warning pod...
~ Ross re disabling the ubTabContainer button
~ Ross re functionality of Fraction tool
April 6 ~ Collaborative Inquiry meeting at HT (.5 day)
~ Slicing wholes goose chasing with Ross... ubTable and ubWaitFor are not playing nicely.. recurssion issue
~ more minor tweaks... still testing for combinations of unexpected user actions... thinks seem to be working okay if the user just does what they are supposed to ... trying to "idiot" proof it a bit more
~changed Hint button to Another Hint after it is hit once
April 5 ~ BHNCDSB day
- visit to SJC with Leah and Erin
~ office time.. Gauss contest, photocopied Coop Learning stuff for followup, gathered manips for PM session
~ Grade 6 GAP closing session at Sacred Heart
April 4 ~ mastered the art of writing trace statements... unfortunately did not find the issue that is causing Slicing Wholes to break! I cannot figure out a consistent set of steps that cause it to break... I think it is somehow related to trying to drag pieces from the wrong row.. but it is not a consistent thing.. at least not that I can see. Tweaked some minor things along the way.
~ Skyped Crystal.. she could not break it.. . figures.. she is going to play with the fla and see if she can figure out the issue... she thinks it might have something to do with ubTable...
~ more geese chasing in my future!
~ chatted briefly about 8.1.3 review changes with Crystal
April 1 ~ AM ~ tested Greg's tool container, responded to questions in the google doc.
~ team tool meeting... re what, when and how to release the tool container, plus hours for spring and summer work, plus check button... see google docs for minutes
~ lunch with Anita ( I owe clips about an hour of extra time)
PM ~ worked on Slicing Wholes...fine tuning interactions when they happen in unexpected orders.. locking things down at certain points, resetting text using the long feedback space...general testing, bug finding, some bug fixing and tidying....still lots to do.