April 25 ~ finished revisions to 8.1.2 (finally got text to bold appropriately), posted fla, need to check the final recompiled version on isenegger
~ talked to Ross re setPauseAndSoundFinished.. it needs to be set once per scene, even if there is no narration... also it needs to be reset every time the pause conditions change (ie animation is complete or starts, narration is started, etc.).. standard is to only grey the pause button if the continue button is the only thing left to wait for... so for the single frames in FLY it is probably okay, as chances are no one is going to hit the pause button in that 1/24 of a second.
~ helped Yvonne with 8.1.3 missing quotations marks in a ubComboMessage. create statement mean there is in fact no reference to the object for moveZoomOrSpin to transform! URGH!!!!
Hops is still causing this activity to crash!
April 23 & 24 ~ BHNCDSB
April 21 (flashfest) ~ completed the template for SB reviews.. made versions for LGP and Integers and emailed them to people.
~ copied the Fly comments from the team review doc to the activity review doc so Ryan Smith could work on fixing things
April 20 ~ Team meeting with Trish
Focus: How do we stream line things to get stuff actually produced?!!!
April 19 ~ YCDSB Aurora
LD workshop... implications for CLIPS
April 18 ~ Simcoe CDS ~ Lesson study with Ruth Beatty
April 11
~ reviewed Cluster 5 clip 1 activities on isenegger after Ross recompiled them, all looks good!
~ met with Greg and Ross re "where are we, where are we going?"
My Next steps:
~ Slicing wholes fixes for 8.1.5
~ respond to Fly review (want to post to OAME by the end of April)
~ Finish Cluster Review SB google doc for sharing at April Flashfest (with Crystal?)
~ Register for OAME
~ keep working on Cluster 5 issues
Took care of issues with 5.2.2 Temperature confirmed that 1.6 show is fine.
Working on 2.7 show and links.
~ consulted with Yvonne re 8.1.3 next steps
April 10 ~ BHNDCDSB
April 6 - 9 ~ Easter
April 5 ~ made fixes to Catch a Bouncing Ball and INteger Location Quiz for CLIP, uploaded new flas
~ worked through yesterday's AC recording about changing ubRectangle to ubSquare
~ tested Ross' fixes to ubWaitHighlight(?).. created a button, added a wait, changed some setProps (position, dimension, colour, shape, etc), then added a new wait.. it seems to have moved to the nw location and shape properly. Yeah Ross!

April 3& 4 ~ BHNDSB
April 2 ~ Team meeting
~ worked on 5.1.2... Text issue was caused by lack of height.. Ross helped me figure that out... thanks!
~ added a check button to Sc 4 &Sc 5 that was missing. Added and tested wait code. Noticed that the continue button was not wait coded... worked with Ross to fix Scene_01 to fix that.. Ross is going to test our fixes and then commit them.
~ Sc 9 added in the audio for one line and changed the text to match as per OAME
~ fixed and double checked some other minor stuff.