April 30 ~ Comparing Temperatures ( the name has been changed again!) is finally done ( at least for now), back to Judi for a second review
~ thanks to Judi for all of her help trying to get pause/play to work properly when using narration, thought I had updated the template, maybe not????!!!!
~ all pause/play issues fixed (I hope)
~depth layers addressed when dragging words in sc 3
~upoption buttons no longer enabled after selected.
~ who knows how many other picky little details, documented in the review file.
~ also chatted with Crystal re CAG wording
Helpful Hint:
when narration could be playing when continue shows.

if (this._parent.usingNarration) {
} else {
showcontinue() since this deactivates the pause/play button


Also, you need to be judicious about whether or not to include the _global. animation pause in the inti object of the transform class.
There are some things that you do NOT want to be affected by the pause/play button and other things that you do want to be affected.
I hadn't thought thoroughly about this before. Maybe still need to think about it some more! :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! What beautiful weather.
April 29~did lots of little things, hopefully on to something more substantial tomorrow!
- gave Mel feedback on her feedback fro 5.4.1
- reviewed the latest version of all the CAGs for Crystal, planned to chat about some wording issues etc. tomorrow.
- got the "neon lights" to work on 5.1.1 Mathotel, MyTransformer vs myTransformer makes a big difference!!!
- finished the buttons for 5.1.3 Number lines (forgot a couple of show me's), small tweak to the first football scene, target was not quite covering the entire field
- reviewed all of the activities in CLIP 1 checking for standard button conversion issues ( sent a few comments to Crystal and Greg for them to deal with)
- reviewed 5.3.1 Elevator Ride for Judi, looking GOOD!
- reviewed all of the interior elevator components of 5.2.1 What's My Floor for Greg, still need some work
April 28 ~ BHNCDSB Day - St. Gabe's 4 grade 7/8 classes, Gauss prep, rest of afternoon spent prepping for MOnday's Grade 9 focus group session.
April 27 ~ updated 1.3 and 1.2 to use standard buttons (started at Flash fest)
~broke things by creating the reset button on the wrong frame (it was being recreated everytime the reset button was hit, poor FLASH had no idea which button it was supposed to be using!)
~ found a number of small logic issues which Judi and I fixed
~added flashing lights to the street level sign in 1.1. Cannot get the group flash to stop. Heather!!!!!!
April 26 ~ BHNCDSB day (Gauss math contest materials packaged and sent to schools, prep for Wed at St. GAbes
April 24 ~ worked with Cheryl on Comparing Integers Quiz, by the end of the day she had the first 6 questions working well and was starting to set up things for #7
April 23 ~ Comparing Integers Quiz - first quesiton is now working well, set up functions that can be used to create the next several questions, tidied up so someone else can take over if needed this weekend.
~ drove to Dundas to pick up Judi
~ meet at Kempenfelt re OAME presentation, spent the afternoon planning
~ Flash fest!
April 22~ skyped with Judi re needs for tomorrow's meeting, and issues with 2.2 Arranging Temperatures (pause/play, swapping depths of movie clips, etc.)
~ searched Clip art files for images for Radians Minds on activity (took way longer than 15 minutes Greg!)
April 21 ~ Comparing Integers Quiz - have the first question basically working (checkAnswer, submit buttons etc...)
- working on fine tuning the logic for addressing each of the 4 cases that are required and generalizing it so it can be reused for the next 5 questions.
April 20 ~ AM - 2 hours - Jean Vanier Grade 7/8 Classes - Gauss prep
- second review for elevator ride for Judi
- swapped buttons in 5.1.1 Mathotel, 2.2 Arranging Tempertures and 2.9 Comparing Integers Quiz
- reviewed CLIP 1 activities for Greg - button check
- worked on Comparing Integers quiz, developing onPress, on Release functions
April 19 ~ BHNCDSB - Grade 7/8 Math Focus Group
April 16 ~ BHNCDSB PD Day - Clips workshops for Grade 6-8 teachers
April 15 ~
sent out latest " Integer Input Error Checking" chart to the team, posted a copy to the mathfest wiki, responded to email concerns --- we should be creating a class to deal with this checking.
~ looked up LGP curriculum links for Greg
~ re-uploaded correct swf for Mathotel so Greg could get it posted to OAME correctly
~ worked on revisions to 5.2.2 Temperatures: revised scene 3 so words swapped if dragged onto an alreay occupied blank, other minor tweaks, upgraded to ubNumberLine2, had to find and make adjustments so this would work, need to ask Judi for help re pause/play issues, major fixes are done.
April 14 ~ Secondary Principals meeting (2 hours)
~ created narration script for 5.1.3, sent it to Judi and Greg
~ reviewed LGP content at a glance for Crystal
~ consulted with Judi re elevator ride
~ standard button discussion with Greg
~ checked all of the links for CLIPS on OAME in preparation for conference presentation, emailed issues to Greg
He has already fixed the integer issues, only a couple more in Trig and LGP
April 13 ~ reviewed " Other resources" word docs for Judi
~ previewed OAME site for Greg before he made Integer CLIP1 go live
~ created button decisions google doc page for Greg
~ started revisions to 2.2 Temperatures - thermometers now return home if not placed in a box, most recent thermometer takes precedence when a new thermometer is dragged into a box.
~ tried to edit the wiki for Greg, not very successfully, YET!
~YES! I conquered the wiki, all clusters are now numbered and link properly.
April 12 ~ BHNCDSB day
April 9 ~ OMCA meeting
worked for a little bit on Comparing Integers Quiz ( 1 hr)
April 8 ~ finished ??? 5.2.2 Temperatures, sent off to Judi for review
- reviewed 5.3.2 Elevator ride for Judi
~ proof read LGP CAG for the first couple of CLIPS for Crystal
~started to work on Comparing Integers Quiz, chatted with Judi regarding randomization and sequence of first 6 questions, storyboard need interpreting
April 7 ~ AM - Skype meeting with Crystal, Judi and Mel regarding OAME presentation and standardization of button issues
PM - worked on 5.2.2 Temperature, revised wait code to kill flash on all movie clips when any one is hit, other small refinements, took lots of time to test since I had to wait many multiples of 15 seconds!
April 6 ~ finished Marian's suggested revisions for Activity 5.1.3 Integer Number line, got the arrows working properly (Thanks Greg)
- Judi copied our various fixes into one activity and uploaded it to isenegger
- sent email to Trish, waiting for her final approval before doing the narration script
- completed the narration script for 5.1.2, added the clues into the narration script for 5.1.1
- chatted with Crystle re diamond drop
April 5 ~ Easter Monday
April 2 ~ Good Friday
April 1 ~
AM attended funeral for Cathy Horgan's (our director) father
PM - "finished" revisions to 1.3 scene 4 - integer input error checking all complete, +3/-3 not accepted as input for moving on as they are the example given in the previous scene. Greg added arrows to the end of the ubFraction strip for me , but they do not work for me the same way that they work for him... a mystery for next week.
- created the naration script for 5.1.1.... should we be narrating the clues in scene 3?

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