April 30 ~ Judi helped me with the pods and some other minor issues with Pattern A. Pattern A is working properly! Pattern B rule and pod are on stage and shrunk.
April 29 ~ Activity 3.4, Scene 17, Pattern A is complete except pod contents are not correct nor positioned properly. rule B appears on stage.
April 28 ~ Activity 3.4, Scene 17, pattern A is almost programmed. Yeah! Was able to copy and modify code from a variety of other sources withing the activity.
April 27 ~ Moderated marking PLMLP

April 24 ~ Activity 3.4 fixed some set Interval issues, other minor tweaks, began work on programming scene 17
April 23 ~ Activity3.4 scene 15 - pause button issues, setInterval issues related to the onEnterFrame, programmed a reset button
April 22 ~ Activity 3.4 , added pingCorrect to all scenes, added the graphs to the feedback for scene 10, with lots of help from Ross, got the pods and select areas in Scenes 9 and 10 to function correctly
April 21 ~ Board Day/ MAth Coaching
April 20 ~ Activity 3.4 I think I am back to where I was before the great crash, plus some. Working on setting up Scenes 9 & 10 with pods and appropriate responses to student clicking. Learned how to add pingCorrect. Need to add pings to lots of scenes. I think all of the text issues are fixed.

April 17 ~ AM Reviewed some activities for Judi; worked on email. IT had my laptop until 2:30 or so. they recovered some of the files from my
thumb drive, not much else. Completed Scene 16.
Re-did scene 9. Remembered how to put the feedback pods in and got things working again all by myself!!! Worked until 6:00 to try to make
up for some of the lost time.
April 16 ~ AM worked to replace deleted programs. Greg helped me to re set up the classes path for FLASH. ITcalled suggesting they might have a utility that would recover some of the files erased from my desktop. Began work on Activty 3.4, Scene 16. Dropped lap top off with IT at 1:00. Medical appt in the afternoon. 3:30 returned to IT to tell them which files I needed. Discovered that the backup files on my thumb drive were now corrupt!
April 15 ~ Board day (IT recovered some files, but lost all of the CLIPS work after April 3 when I last backed it up)
April 14 ~ Board Improvement Planning, someone at the board made an error that wiped all of the files off of my lap top.
April 13 ~ Easter Monday

April 10 ~ Good Friday
April 9 ~ Feedback pods for scenes 9 and 10, lots of "frigging" around to get the text to be the correct size. Still need to add some ping sounds and do something to indicate the pod has changed.
Cleaned up most of the other text issues and some sound issues. Getting there!
April 8 ~ still working on ubFramed text issues. Ran into some feedback that was quite large. Ross suggested putting the feedback in a pod and showed me how to do it.
April 7 ~ Math coaching Steering committee meeting
April 6 ~ Board Day

April 3 ~learned lots about ubFramed text. Scene 7 and 10 are looking pretty good. A few non-text related issues to deal with.
April 2 ~ Reviewed 3.4 and made notes of lots of stuff still to fix. Started working my way through the list. Sent review and fla to Ross so we can chat tomorrow.
April 1 ~ Completed first run through of sound/pause stuff for 3.4
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