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Meet the mathcots fla.. in progress... I have a word file that includes research done by Jessica Hanta as well as an fla that was started by Crystal and added to by Sean...sometime it woud be nice to finish this off.
Cathy Brindle (Fraction Storyboarder) is going to give the Introducing the MAthcots to her Grade 7/8's as a project for a combined math/language project. I gave her a copy of the existing swf and Jessica Hanta's inital research. (April 2012)

The correct name for the Squares in cluster 8 is Designer Squares.

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Slicing Wholes, Banana Bread

Comparing Integers Tool - WIBNI's - any time the number line scale is not in 1's, provide a magnify button that allows students to click on each point and see a magnified version of the graph (in 1's). Lots of kids have difficult working in scales of 2's, 5's etc. they are not really sure what is going on. (Trish's idea)
- add a user option to allow students to explore differnt types of numbers (integers, whole numbers, decimals, maybe even fractions?)
- add user optin to allow the student to plot the point themselves?


The possessive for a word ending in ‘s’ is an apostrophe following the ‘s’. It is "Gus’ room."Canadian spelling is double ll's for things like modelling.
when creating movie clips that are complicated pictures used as background images, remember to check "use runtime bitmap caching".

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