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Notes/Questions from Ross

With an activity template from July 2009 or later, you should be able to copy the minicalc stuff folder to your activity. Depending how old your other stuff is, you might need to Edit Symbols | miniWrapper stuff | _miniwrapper, click on the minicalc layer, Show All, click on the instance of the calculator, click Swap and swap it with miniCalc stuff | _minicalc. There will be a bunch of stuff in your miniwrapper stuff folder that can be deleted when you do that, since it will actually be in your miniCalc stuff folder.

How to Add the CLIPS uber Calc to your pre-existing Activity

This process will be necessary for any activity that used an Activity Template that predates Sept 22, 2008 AND which requires the full 4 calculator suite.

  • Download the latest (changed as of Sept 22, 2008) - in v2WrapperDevelopment/lib/actions
  • Download the latest Activity Template (changed as of Sept 22, 2008) - in CLIPS Templates Directory
  • Open up the latest Activity Template as well as the pre-existing Activity FLA in Flash
  • Open up both Libraries
  • Drag the minicalc object FROM the Activity Template TO the pre-existing Activity FLA
    (The minicalc is in the miniwrapper folder in both locations - make sure it goes to the same place)
    --> say YES to Replace items
  • Test in the pre-existing Activity FLA that the minicalc did in fact copy over (when you click on it in the Library you'll see the outline of the sci calc, not just the basic calc)
  • Also, drag the two Library FONTS required from the Activity Template to the pre-existing Activity FLA (Functions font and Symbols font)
  • In the pre-existing Activity FLA, edit the miniwrapper object --> actions layer - frame 2
    --> modify line 25 : change the _x = 580;
    --> add line (new line 26) : this.minicalc_mc._y = 180;
  • In the pre-existing Activity FLA, edit Scene 1 --> global layer --> frame 1
    --> Add new variable : PreferredCalc = "sci"; // options: basic / sci / graph / conv
  • SAVE AS .. with NEW name (just in case)
  • TEST IT OUT !!

Enjoy !