"Really Simple Syndication"

The Commoncraft video

Have your content delivered to a reader

Have content aggregated on a page

Have content emailed to you

Things that can be subscribed to:

Good starting point

This file has a bunch of feeds that you might like to subscribe to. You can import the file into Google Reader or any service that supports the ODML standard. Here's how.

  1. Save this file to your computer. Save it, don't open it - it looks like gobbledygook.
  2. Login to your Reader account at http://www.google.com/reader
  3. Click Settings (at the top right)
  4. Click Import/Export.
  5. Click Choose File, navigate to where Starter.xml is saved and double-click on it.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Once the subscriptions are imported, click Back to Google Reader.
  8. You should see that the subscriptions show up on the left organized into folders called blogs, del.icio.us, Education etc.

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