Geometer's Sketchpad Resources
The Geometer's Sketchpad, version 5 has been announced as becoming available in Fall 2009. Already, there are resources posted on the Key site related to that version prior to its release (e.g., a set of videos that overview the whole idea of Dynamic Geometry and Algebra). Most of the resources below are for version 4 of the software and will remain useful for version 5 users, although they may use techniques for which there are more efficient methods in the latest version.
Web Site

Found on the CD
Learning Guide
8 tours of the program
These four PDF files are not automatically installed with the program.
Consider copying them from the CD to your hard drive.
Quick Reference

Reference Manual

Teaching Mathematics
A sampler of activities from various books on Sketchpad available for sale at Spectrum
Sample Files
Sketches referenced by the books above, how to's, curriculum-based sketches (83 in total)

On the version 3 CD
Geometry Activities for Middle School Students(221 pages)
Exploring Geometry (317 pages)
Mainly Blackline Masters of Activities for students
(may need some tweaking for version 4)

Web Resources on Sketchpad
Key Curriculum Press
- Version Updates (currently at 5.05)
- Links to Other websites
- 101 Project Ideas
- Workshop Guide
- Bibliography and Talks
- Technical Support
- Sketchpad for Young Learners
- Calculus and pre-Calculus sketches
- Iteration
- Curriculum Modules
- Java Sketchpad information (subset of functionality that can work in a browser)

Product Updates

Sketchpad for Young Learners

Iteration Talk

General Software Information
Curriculum Links
Math Forum Discussion
This listserv/discussion area has contributions from the developers, super-users and others. There are not many posts, but it is a great place to get your questions answered.
See for a
full listing of discussion groups (including Fathom)
Math Forum Sketchpad Page
Links to dozens of sites with sample sketches.
PRISM-NEO Sketches
For Grades 7-9 - with lesson ideas and demonstration movies

For Grade 11

Ubersketch of Sketchpad Virtual Manipulatives

fnUberSketch of useful Function tools

at Ministry of Education site
Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports for Grade 7-9 Mathematics.
Paul Kunkel's Whistler Alley
Mathematics Lessons, Geometrical Constructions Reference, Gallery of Sketches
Dynamic Geometry Visualization for Young Learners (DGYL):
Sketchpad in Grades 3-8 Conference Proceedings, Sample Sketches
Geometry in Motion
Daniel Scher's site of Java Sketches, Mathematical applications, activities and articles
Centre for Technology and Teacher Education
TeacherLink Mathematics site
Hastings & Prince Edward DSB
Tutorials, Lesson Plans, and sample sketches are just some of the rich content maintained by Bill Lundy
GSP BreezeFests
Archives of Adobe Connect Sessions on Sketchpad - construct a counting dot in a bin!
A Support Centre for using The Geometer's Sketchpad in Ontario.
Atomic Learning
Short QuickTime Movies demonstrating the use of the program.
This is a commercial site, though the GSP series has been licensed in Ontario (contact your OESS rep for login and password)
(for Ontario publicly-funded schools)
Near North DSB
- Presentations
- Useful files/information
(the Ontario distributor)
Product Information
Near North Educational Services
Sketches from Bob Tuck to support his workshops and books.
GSP: Works in Progress
Working page for GSP developers, starting with sharing from OAME 2008 workshop of the same name
Michael de Villiers
From the author of "Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad"
Mark Yates
Sketchpad Resources and links
R.S. Schaeffer
Examples of investigations in Geometer's Sketchpad prepared by students in a Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics class
Jim Wilson
GSP Lessons
InterMath Constructionary
A dictionary of constructions