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Basic Calculators

CLIPS Calculator - Basic mode

based on the CJ calculator below
as well as code by H.G. Arunkumar
JavaScript Calculator Widget with Uize
Fraction Calculator
Fraction Operations Calculator
CJ Floating Calculator - Free
eCalc Basic (ad supported)

Scientific Calculators

CLIPS Calculator - Scientific mode

Based on the Ultimate Scientific Calculator (below)
by Gustavo ALH
with the Conversions separated into a separate section:
CLIPS Calculator - Conversion mode
Simple and scientific online calculator
with calculation tape (memory record).
Made in Czech republic.
Math Open Reference Scientific Calculator - Java
eCalc Scientific (ad supported)
instacalc (ad supported)
Does calculations and conversions. Can be used on webpages.
Can create shared calculators (e.g. pythagorean theorem)
ASCIIMath Scientific Calculator

Javascript, MathML, MathPlayer
Smart Math Calculator

Computes multiple math expressions simultaneously. High precision with support for 1000+ digits accuracy. Results are calculated instantly as soon as you type them. Define your own variables and functions. Solve equations for unknown variable x.

Its beautiful user-interface is designed for efficiency. Previous sessions are automatically saved and you have the option of always keeping the calculator in memory or on top of other windows. Downloador try online.
Uncertainty Calculator (javascript)

This is a device for performing calculations involving quantities
with known or estimated uncertainties. This is known as error
propagation or uncertainty propogation.
It calculates uncertainties two ways:

most probable uncertainty, also called standard error
(or uncorrelated uncertainty), which is used when errors are independent;

maximum uncertainty, also called maximum error
(or correlated uncertainty), which is used when they are not.
external image uncertainty_calculator.png
Statistical calculator (javascript)

This calculator can do basic statistical analysis of a set
of repeated measurements, including measurements with uncertainties.
external image statistics_calculator.png
Derivative Calculator (javascript)

An online symbolic derivative calculator that lets you compute derivatives
and partial derivatives of arbitrary mathematical functions.
Integral Calculator (javascript)

An online calculator that supports definite integrals as well as
indefinite integrals (antiderivatives). Works for complex functions as well.
external image integral-calculator.png

Graphing Calculators

CLIPS Calculator - Graphing mode

an implementation of the function graphing tools by Kaskosz and Ensley
Desmos Graphing Calculator
a very nice Flash-based implementation
This free online graphing utility can plot a wide variety of functions including polar, parametric, piecewise, conics (and other implicit plots), and even slope fields. You can plot up to six functions at once, mixing and matching function types. Other features include the ability to shade inequalities or the area between curves, several different grid types (cartesian, polar, semi-logarithmic, and number line), and the ability to add legends and/or captions.
external image gf_screen_200.png
GraphApplet 1.05
implemented at Cool Math Graphing Calculator
7 Stones Graphing Calculator
Graphical Function Explorer (GFE)
GFE is a free web-based function graphing tool that allows you to plot up to three functions on the same set of axes. In the functions you can refer to up to four independent variables that are controlled by sliders. This allows you to easily see the effect of changes since the graphs change in real time as you drag the sliders.
by Andy Schmitz
Holt Online Learning Graphing Calculator
Not online, but free and with download of source available, has scripting capabilities.

Also, Graph by Ivan Johansen.
Graphing Calculator 3D

Plot beautiful graphs of 3D math functions. Type down a function and it's instantly plotted for you.
Both cartesian and polar coordinates are supported as well as parametric equations and inequalities. Downloador use online.
3D graph plotter
Good Graphing Calculator

This free 2D graphing calculator (plotter) allows you to plot the graph of your equation online and also lets you save or print an image of your graph.
external image goodgraph.jpg

Plotting Utilities

NLVM - Grapher
Ontario Ministry of Education 3D Plotter
Plots points, lines and planes using various forms and a simple click and drag interface.
Maths Online Function Plotter
Online Function Grapher gCalcD
(ad supported)
Graph, solve, differentiate.
e-tutor Graphing utitlity
Webmath's Plotting utilities - including xy grapher
Some very nice tools here
SPACEGOO Plots - 3d function plotter

Computer Algebra System

Yacas online - no download required.
Click on My Yacas

Omega Computer Algebra Explorer

Free Online CAS - no download required.

Create an account and start using it.

There is a Quick Reference Card available.
external image intro.jpg
WIRIS CAS(not free)

Wolfram Alpha
Online Matrix Calculator
WIRIS CAS(not free)
external image 3853527381_f4f354a94f.jpg


Time Value of Money Calculator
Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator
The Inflation Calculator uses monthly consumer price index (CPI)
data from 1914 to the present to show changes in the cost of a fixed
"basket" of consumer purchases.
These include food, shelter, furniture, clothing, transportation, and recreation.
An increase in this cost is called inflation.
RBC Mortgage Calculator

MLS Mortgage Calculator

Time Duration Calculator
(ad supported)

RRSP Calculator (From Sun Life)


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