GSP: Works In Progress

This space is collaboration area for GSP developers, teachers, students, anyone who wants to stretch their GSP creativity muscles, and share with others who like similar challenges.

The initial sharings are the results of a recent workshop at OAME 2008 - "The Path is Made by Walking" held in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Download the ZIP file for the Questions and Tutorials shared in the session in two batches:
- OAMEconfGSP1 - most of the questions, GSP sketches and the tutorials
- OAMEconfGSP2 - the picture files and picture-related GSP sketches here

Do you have further questions about how to do something in GSP ? Working on a sketch and have gotten stuck? If so, leave a message here by clicking "Edit this Page" - describe your current project.

If you want to make a suggestion - "Edit this Page" and offer a solution. This is intended to be a true collaborative sharing space - so - go ahead - share - enjoy !